At Bonita, we bring the flavours of Spain to the heart of Ponsonby with a menu of classic Spanish tapas, wine and beer. We source our wines from Spain, South America, Australia and home, and our beer list reflects the best of Spanish and Auckland crafties. We also have a concise list of original cocktails for you to explore!


Spanish food is as varied as it is more-ish, reflecting Spain's long history as the Garden of Europe. Tapas allow us to explore this variety with a beer or a glass of wine. Traditionally served in a clay "cazuela", tapas can be meat-, fish-, vege- or carb-based and tend to be small enough to eat in the heat of the Spanish summer. Try a cazuela with a drink after work or "tapear" - the Spanish art of customising your dinner by mixing and matching your favourite tapas!

Join us every Thursday for live Flamenco guitar from 7pm!

Enjoy our intimate bar or unwind on the heated deck, 6 days a week from 4pm.

"All the times I’ve visited, there’s been a good vibe and the added bonus is that you only need a handful of people to get the party started. The kind of place you could quite happily while away an evening, be it with a good friend or a good looking stranger. And if you’re lucky enough to stumble in on a Thursday night, you’ll be treated to a spot of live music." Lara Thomas in "Auckland's Best Tapas Bars 2013", Concrete Playground.